Working closely with chef Frederic Guerlin, owner of the French Street restaurant, we personalised the charm of the French restaurant into an identity. Our team extracted Guerlin’s story to craft a brand that resonates with the vision and aesthetic details of a chef’s perspective. The brand that we designed is tailored towards upscale audiences who surround the area where the restaurant is located in. 

French Street is a inspired by Provence, hometown of Chef Frederic Guerlin, who has worked at various top Michelin star restaurants in Europe including Eden Roc St. Barths and the Relais Chateaux Chain hotels. Beyond his interest in preparing health-conscious comfort food for his customers, every dish he offered is a canvas where he pours his passion into designing his elaborate crafts. To illustrate such personalised approach to cooking, we created visual graphics which were inspired by the tattoo of Mr.Guerlin consisting of pictorials of tomato, fig, onion, and olive. We further researched into the French tattoo underworld book, “Mauvais Garcons, Portraits de Tatoues 1890 – 1930,” to develop and finalise our deliverables that best align with the concept we designed. 

With high gratification from our client, the brand is being implemented by the marketing team of French Street for the grand opening of the restaurant. 

“Our design approach characterised one’s personal perspective and passion into visual graphics that heighten the experience of the brand”