Jewelry of Timeless Romance

We collaborated extensively with the owners and the marketing team of Gems Pavilion—Thailand’s world renowned jewellery company. Our challenges were to crystallize the existing mother brand, Gems Pavilion, and constitute a new sister brand, Gems Pavilion Love. The design creatives of the two brands must deliver appropriate brand messages for luxury and high-end clientele that the company targeted on.

Finest Jeweler of Timeless Romance

Offering internationally recognized craftsmanship and quality, we empowered the Gems Pavilion company as the jeweler who standardised the ‘universal beauty’ in creating pieces which behold one’s elegance; an inspiration from the famous “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” quote. Upon establishing our concepts and creatives, we framed the two brands with different personas that reflected the target audience of each brand. Pinpointing towards mature, confident, and elegant women, the mother brand revolves under a classic identity. Gems Pavilion’s brand concept cherishes the beauty of jewellery adornment and one’s celebration of their everyday’s live. On the other hand, Gems Pavilion Love focuses to provide affable designs for modern and young individuals who seek to treasure their relationship’s embracement through jewellery pieces. 

Our creative offerings such as brand identities, product designs, and photography guidelines were then produced after we designed the strategy to tackle each brand. The clients and their team were satisfied with our deliverables and are currently implementing the brands and designs to be launched in the near future.

“We strategise to reasoned with the company’s brand position, target audiences, and brand identity in designing aesthetics that are set towards international reputation”