International Magazine Launch Through Smart Branding and Design

We designed a dynamic magazine layout which captures the GQ Magazine’s brand tagline: “look sharp, live smart.” The design we created sets the standard for a newly launched GQ magazine tailored for Thailand. 

We started by collecting inspirations from spreads of classical magazine and layouts of the best GQs around the world including GQ Style, GQ USA, GQ Australia, and GQ UK. Each inspirations were then analyzed and rendered into a template focusing on smart grid design system, new art direction curated for the modern Thai gentlemen, strong sense of typography, bold graphics, and symbolic colors.The key graphic element in our brand creation is a sharp line, taking from the main logo of the brand, which have used consistently throughout the magazine as masthead, slugs, table of contents, website graphics The design is completed with fashion details to personify the identity of the world renowned fashion magazine. 

This project was in collaboration with Serendipity Media Thailand, and Conde Nast, China. “Our design sets the standard for the future of the world-renowned magazine”