In collaboration with ​a food and lifestyle connoisseur ​who owns Odtomato restaurant, we have developed a lively approach to enhance the experience for the Aussie lifestyle cuisine service. We extracted the owner’s active lifestyle in designing a unique persona for the Odtomato brand. The identity we created targets local and foreigner millennials who resides around the bustling street of Sukhumvit road. 

Our design process began with gathering inspirations ranging from the cinematic mood and tone of Californian lifestyle to the contemporary mix-and-match Australian living. The inspirations were then sharpened to brighten the characteristics of the owner with the aesthetic of Australian summer lifestyle; a concept that brings out quirkiness, contemporary, and cultured branding for the restaurant. This identity is reflected with a unique color palette of turquoise blue, flamingo pink, and yellow mustard. Different graphic elements of the brand were then visualised based on these colors as a strategic approach for total brand appearance. 

Spinned off from the Kuppadeli team who are currently running a cafe, the brand we designed for Odtomato will be implemented for the restaurant launching in mid of 2018. 

“We embraced colors to visualise the mood and tone we designed for such unique characteristic and experience”