Inspired by Stories of The King’s Past

Located in the most exclusive club in central Bangkok, the Royal Pavilion restaurant is designed to be the centerpiece of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club compound. Rom Design and the owner of COCA Restaurants Group worked together to create an iconic story with​ contemporary approach by blending oriental heritage with Western traditions​. 

Royal Pavilion devised a language that celebrates the glory of ​His Majesty King Rama V who birthed the club. To honour his legacy, we handpicked his favourites to design a signature monogram for the restaurant. We extracted the horse emblem from his fond for horse riding and the flower emblem from his favourite orange-pink colour rose, the ‘Oros’. As a result, the design is an eclectic blends of between riding horse amidst the forests of roses. 

We also collaborated closely with the owner to design and align the food menu for each restaurant based on the design concepts we initiated. Set as a dining space, the Royal Pavilion would serve dinner and special menu inspired by King Vajilalongkorn’s lifestyle and his favourite dishes including the Thai local tuna. 

Our clients were very satisfied with the deliverables we delivered and are implementing the designs for the restaurant’s official opening in mid 2017. 

“The iconic stories were extracted to recreate symbolic concepts and designs that complemented the legacy of such historical compound”