Thai Craft Cocktail Bar

In the midst of a trendy street of Thonglor lies a cocktail bar called Thaipioka which our team has an opportunity to collaborate with. We were challenged to bring about various Eastern characteristics that represented Thaipioka to create a modern and minimalistic emotive approach with a touch of exoticness to brand design.

With the knowledge acquired about Thaipoika, we looked into various inspirations such as funky tunes, cinematic movies, and tropical weather visuals to grasp the most out of our research phase.

We then ideate our designs that heighten the crafting aspect of cocktails and the experimental approach of unique local mixtures in the drinks from Thaipioka. This concept of ‘craftsmen’ is transferred into designing products which emphasis on handcraft quality; anything from porcelain cups to coasters, we push the crafting quality to the highest.

All of the inspirations and concepts we designed comes down as accessories to reinforce Thaipioka’s identity of a modern Asian style bar with a taste to reinvent local flavors. Our design prototypes would be delivered to the public by our client who is the team behind the various hip bars in Bangkok.
“The brand identity that we created reinforces the recreations offered by the remarkable experience provider”