We worked closely with the F&B and Hospitality team at COCA restaurant group to devise a branding project for dining spaces at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club Pavilion. Located in the most exclusive club in central Bangkok, the Samosorn all-day dining restaurant attracts club members and international clientele to experience symbolic Thai cultural identity. 

Golf Course Clubhouse

His Majesty King Rama V, the club’s visionary, erected the compound as a collective space for Thais and foreign residents to mingle and socialize. In respect to such prominent establishment, we derived to the concept of ‘social space’ and pitched the name ‘Samosorn’, which means ‘club’ in Thai, for the restaurant. Our visuals inherit a refreshed historical essence of flag-liked yellow and blue pattern to signify the balance between cosmopolitan modernity and cultural significance which dated back since 1901. 

We also collaborated closely with the owner to design and align the food menu for each restaurant based on the design concepts we initiated. As an all-day dining restaurant, the Samosorn would serve daily sandwiches and easy grab and go food. 

Our clients were very satisfied with the deliverables we delivered and are implementing the designs for the restaurant’s official opening in mid 2017. 

“We inherited historical essence in visualising a brand identity that balances cosmopolitan modernity and cultural significance for today’s society”