In this project, we formulated closely with the board members of Young Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce (YEC) to develop visual languages for the future brand of YEC. The YEC is an organization established to provide a platform for entrepreneurs and other social groups. Thus, the identity we created seeks for a focused and clearer character that would aspire entrepreneurs as the brand launches.

Inspired by various characters—from the movie Walter Mitty and creative entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs—to the symbolic national colors, we cultivated a smart-credible brand identity which signifies an innovative character of the entrepreneurs we foresee. “The new modern” concept represents a sharp businessman with a passion for collaboration, ignition of ideas, and celebration of thoughts; a character who inspire and ignite the leaders of tomorrow. Taglines such as “innovation takes of us” and “communities of visionaries” were introduced to complement the brand identity we have envisioned for the YEC.
With our deliverables, the client passed over our prototypes to be put into action by an event agency selected by YEC Bangkok. We anticipated that our brand would then spread out to other YEC in other parts of the country, such as YEC Konkaen, YEC Chiangmai, and so on.

“We designed to inspire the future of tomorrow by envisioning the brand identity that ignites visions and initiations”