Minimalist Living — The New Luxury


With all the situation that is going on in turbulent times, sometimes, it may be time  and moment that we stop going outwards but start to look more inwards towards ourselves. The world need some minimalism.

The trend now is shifting towards viewing “essentials” as the new luxury. It might not be enough to sell beautiful looking products; the consumers want to feel good about the story behind it too. From consumer behaviour perspective, they are shying away from fast fashion and more interested in “investment” pieces may be the new trend and minimalist pieces that will yield higher longevity and value in the long run could be the next trend.

However, the concept of less is more can reach beyond the fashion world of minimalist visuals illustrated in beautiful brands from COS to Celine, from Muji to Apple. Minimalism can also start from within.

The ability to deviate from distractions, out from the system, and out from the loop, that we can establish more clarity within ourselves. Just like the Buddhist philosophy and the art of minimalism, it means going back to your fundamentals, your roots, to yourself. You will have more rooms to grow mentally and seeing things through.

Nowadays, we and society are in the modern lifestyle consumerism trap. The more we grow up, the more backpack we have. Is this what we should be seeking?

Instead of being on screen, now is a time to pick up a book and learn to live with less. It is time for self-reflection. Maybe less is the new luxury, may be less is more.