Building Your Home Sanctuary


Home is more than just a shelter

What makes a home truly a home? In our opinion, a home is more than just a shelter but a sanctuary for your body and soul.

For the habited to truly feel like home, the place should be comfortable and reflective of who they are. Today, we explore some of the brands that we love and believe they uphold the value of design and functionality. Hopefully these brands can contribute to building the perfect sanctuary of yours.

Firstly, we turn the spotlight on furniture that provides ergonomic functions as well as carry a clear sense of personality. Fritz Hansen, a brand founded in Denmark, is a believer that a piece of furniture can transform the space that it is in. The company hosts multiple international designers that help bring this vision to life. The essence of Fritz Hansen is in its craftmanship and premium quality, translated to beautiful and functional pieces of furniture. With its strong and sophisticated identity, each piece is designed to light up a space it occupies, as well as exudes the sense of character of the owner. 

Norse Republics, a Nordic design distributor based in Bangkok, also emphasizes on the importance of functionality and design. String, a Swedish brand carried by Norse, focuses on shelving system shows how we can organise our space with simplicity and lightness aesthetics. This is a great example of how we can achieve a sense of order and peace through design. These brands are firm believers that the concept of good living starts by building an environment that is inspiring and reflective of the owner’s characters. 

Good design for body and soul

The art of scents is also something inarguably personal and central to building your unique space. A scent is a very powerful tool in invoking a certain vibe or memory and should be incorporated in the design of a home for the space to reach its full potential. Rom Design’s Pondering Pablo is a scented candle inspired by the artist Pablo Picasso’s style. The dark and masculine visual design aims to capture the essence of the Spanish artist, while the scent itself carries the base note of Spanish tobacco, reflecting Picasso’s iconic pipe smoking habit. A home can be created with not just visual pieces, but with elements that triggers other senses as well.

The R45 furniture collection by Rom Design is also another piece with a strong voice, character and functionality. Inspired by the graphic designer Max Bill, a pioneer of abstract art in the 20th century, R45 presents a series of intersecting steel tubes and pine wood bar in a grid system. The result is a collection that emanates simplicity, firmness and purpose. 

Realistic essentials through functionality

In the process of building our personal safe haven, we must engage in elements that nourish our body and soul. In that sense, what could be more relevant than cooking? The kitchen is seen as the heart and fire of the home, the true source of energy and what gave the home as sense of warmth. Therefore, it is vital that cookware used is high quality and reflective of who we are. Stuab offers a variety of premium cookware produced in Alsace, France. The cast iron cocotte line showcases craftsmanship and durability, coupled with the brand’s rich heritage. With traditional and hearty design, the pots also come in splashes of different colour such as Cherry, Mustard or Turquois Teal to ensure your personality could shine through. It is designed to be a centrepiece of your shelf. Stuab is another perfect example of functionality meets with beauty.

We hope these brands are able to convey clear functionality and their unique personality. Remember, to create a space that is truly yours, it is key your personality shines through. Now is the time to reimagine the essentials and build a sanctuary for your body and soul.

Home-baking with cast iron — Staub