Change is the only constant and human are being force to adjust ourselves to live with the new all the time. We use creativity to solve complexity of the future changes, redefine problems and identify alternative solutions in creative way, for example, integrating our lives to live with new technology. In fact, people design their lives to fit with the new conditions spontaneously. Design has blended in our instinct which sometimes we do not even know.

Design is not about art, it is about creativity.

We design all the time in our lives by using creativity to solve complex problems in order to survive and become better. Even though people always misperceive that only few people can be born with a unique skill in being a designer, it is not true.

Actually, everyone has the creative skills to design. We always come up with new ideas and develop it to find solutions. That is why we believe everyone has the ability for design thinking.

Tidying up is a creative process — Cuyana x Marie Kondo

Think Creatively

Design thinking is important in business because it can be used as a tool to help business think differently, combining critical thinking and ideating on a solution to address a problem which better meet a customer need. There are many examples of big company such as Apple and Google which use design thinking in daily operations. Changes can be a good opportunity for business to start generating new ideas by going back to the basic. Most of businesses try to make impressive products without concerning the real need of their customers; of course they end up with less successful products.

To apply this, businesses should understand the new conditions. For example, if people work from home and do online shopping more, business have to change their strategies. Then, they should brainstorm to create many creative ideas to find new way of adjustment and serve the new need of customer in the new normal. 

Professional to Personal Life

Professional and personal life are much integrated, design thinking can be used as a tool to manage your life more effectively.

First, ask yourself what makes you happy and how to achieve it. Further, what are your energy boosters or drainers. The process basically includes three steps: self-empathy, ideation and taking action to test those ideas. When situation has changed, you also have to think differently. Do not limit your ideas to some conditions because people fail to be happy as they have narrow options. Then make it free to fully discover yourself.

In fact, design thinking is a process to understand your need. After you practice and get used to it, you can manage your time better and regain control of your life.

Embed design thinking as a tool to become better and change your life.

Design thinking can be applied in both professional and personal life. To solve problems and adjust to the change, design thinking can help us to think differently in the most creative way. Moreover, the ideas can be tested to see the possibility and used for real, not just in our minds. In the time of change, it is important to look back to the real need and add value to the resources you have. Even though you are not a highly-trained designer, you know how you can design your business and your life effectively.

shift your perspective you might find a better solution — @schoonover