ready for the new vibe

Story – Montipa Virojpan
Edited – Thamatouch S.

Many food and drink businesses in Bangkok wanna spiced themselves up and named as fusion cuisine. And well, to be frank, our precious local wisdom also provides us a great chance – just like how the elders know how to use ingredients and herbs to make Thai food with an authentic taste. So, now put a spotlight on Thaipioka, an bespoke bar that experimented the idea to integrate the old aesthetic with the new materials.

“I don’t know why we’re trying to be foreigners or westernise ourselves. We’re surrounded by interesting local materials and they might be better than another ingredients in this world. We try to substitute sweet and sour taste of lemon with key lime, the green one we always put in Som Tam or Tom Yum Kung. If you’re about to order our Cosmopolitan, we definitely use key lime because we believe that it’s good by itself, by the way we mix it. We had a joke several times about our cocktails that why do we serve foreigners with dry martini or negroni? Why they have to fly so many miles to drink what they can find in their hometown? Thaipioka’s concept started with that.” said by the founder. 

The cocktail specialist behind famous original infused cocktail syrup at Sugar Ray You’ve Been Poisoned and the finest speakeasy Q&A bar set the new unique concept for Thaipioka. The founder acknowledged a potential in local ingredients. Fruits and herbs, which are sometimes seasonal, have its strong flavour and own identity. The main cocktail ingredients are always from local market… and, moreover, they are all Thai ingredients. 

“It’s no use if we make strawberry syrup, other people can do that. But we want to be different and unique to attract our customers, so we invented Lychee Ginger syrup, as well as Double Chili Roasted Cinnamon syrup that we use the real chili flakes. They’re the best-seller in our bar because no one made it. 

But most of all, beyond the reasons of the bar owner’s name sake to challenge their capability of making a new recipe from local ingredients or blending it with a life-long classic cocktail knowledge. It is about the precious uniqueness that make the taste of Thailand.


Thaipioka – Salil Hotel, 44/7 Thonglor Soi 1, Bangkok – Open daily 19:00 – 02:00
Tel. +66 (0) 8-7713-6943 www.facebook.com/thaipiokabkk