Story – Thamatouch S.

Fred: Wilma… honey, the car is ready.
Wilma: Oh Fred, Where are we going?
Fred: The new place.
Wilma: hmmm.. In our Bedrock town?
Fred: No, honey, Chiang Mai – Thailand.

If the Flintstones reran again, where it could be the modern Bedrock town?

I guess Chiang Mai would be perfect.

Yabba dabba doo! a modern Bedrock space “One Nimman,”named after the famous area of the city. This is the particular opportunity to explore the new opening space that invited local and international creators to celebrate the creative culture along with capability of design. Turning Chiang Mai into the significant landmark of artisan and designate district, just like Florence and Amsterdam.  

A concept of new traditional urban development was transformed into One Nimman. The new type community mall revitalises the surrounding environment at Rincome intersection with the open space, coherently with walking streets and city squares. 

This space become a new symbol for the town and the heart of community. The building, designed by Ong-ard Architects, is influenced by vernacular architecture from both Eastern art and Western design. The consequence of design by mixing Lanna architecture in Northern Thailand and thirteenth century Nepal’s Newars architecture was remarkable. The shopping hall and the public space with clock tower conformed to the concept design of northern Lanna village, while wooden market hall exemplified the Monpazier’s fifteenth century hall in Southwest France. 

And to firmly establish a concept of this new artisan community, as its interactive space gathering modern life and ethnic culture harmoniously, One Nimman was also transformed into conceptual design. “The visual concept was inspired by an iconic arch – curved structure spanning an elevated space at the doorway, windows, and decorating on the façade. One Nimman’s identity logo referred to the pure compression form of arch and its accurate graphic line.” As stated by Wongtawan Lomngam, an Artistic Director of ROM DESIGN studio.

The bold yet minimal structure of arch logo represented the modern design with a touch of local authenticity, carefully crafted with a heart of real artist.

Fred: What do you think, honey?

Wilma: Oh, it’s perfect, Fred. like a page right out of history