STORY ― Mommam Sriwantaneeyakul
VISUAL ― Suda Phusahas

“You’ll never know if you don’t know now…”

I literally thought about this hook lyric from 1943 Vera Lynn’s song when starting this article about Tik-Tok. Because if you do not know it now, what time should be?

The Chinese-rooted video app with re-production lip-sync and comedy clips is now trending. Social-distancing since February 2020 have made the number of downloading skyrocket to 96% increased or about 113 million times. However, once before the quarantine time, the app was underestimated by many famous influencers or insulted about stealing users’ information by western state agencies.

But just a couple months, Tik-tok is hugely success even during the quarantine. This now-trending app is surpassing Facebook or Twitter. In today’s virtual landscape, major platforms are not only “social media” connecting people together as they had actually been before, but also a big data archive gathering the “information resource” of now era. Since the coronavirus epidemic, new normal have introduced to our life. 

Users’ behavior or consumer trend also utterly shifts from specific contents to mass entertaining.

Not just only personal account, but also big brands (especially in Fashion industry) are joining to the world of Tik-Tok. The french label Celine marked as the first brand who make viral on the new app. Then luxury brands like Michael Kors, Guess, and Calvin Klein tried advertised on this popular platform. While The london-based Burberry coincides with its Thomas Burberry Monogram collection. The brand concurrently started the #TBChallenge, inviting people to create the monogram with their own hands. In accordance with the campaign hashtag – which includes videos and pics in response – generated 57 million views.

Young generation or Millennial audiences are the main digital citizens of Tik- Tok which are synchronised with “viralising” reproduction process. To see the big picture, you can upload or record your own original content as usual. However, you can also select sound from others to lip-sync your own clip. That is the Tik-Tok prominent point. The app allows us to be a creator from anywhere.

People can be a part of this viralising world by using the app mechanic in just a click! 

Moreover clips are also simply shared to others because the app connected to all platforms. That process totally changes our practices on the old platforms, warranting to TikTok’s potential to combine real life to digital era.

TikTok encouraging positive impact for people on the planet and those around them — Tiktok