Modern Thai Retail Space

We had the opportunity to design for King Power; Thailand’s only travel retailer situated in the international gateway of Suvarnabhumi airport. This project has allowed the team to flex our product development muscles, coming up with a brand-new product line for King Power that creatively reflects their vision. 

Branding for a Leading Duty-Free Department Store

Collaborating with the client’s product and strategic marketing division, we were inspired by the culture of Thailand and crafted three brand collections that accentuate the experience between travellers journeying into and out of Thailand and thevariety of consumer goods that the retailer provides. The collections include: King Power Journey, King Power Recipe and King Power Moment.

“Our brand identities enhance the experience of a significant final impression that Thailand can offer to the travellers of the world” 

Inspired by the brand’s associated products and the culture of Thailand, we crafted each identity which mirror the collection’s character that altogether harmonize as one entity. Offering lifestyle goods, King Power Journey collection is designed to personify modern travellers under the guidelines of ‘helpful, smart, and discover’. King Power Recipe was created under the terms ‘passionate, savory, and detail-oriented’ to visualizes the taste of Thailand via packaged food products. Lastly, King Power Moment, providing crafted souvenirs, echoes the memorable journeys of Thailand, portraying the ideas of ‘nostalgic, collectible, and crafted’. As a whole, the three collections embody Thailand’s cultural personalities with modern design, through the design of the perfect balance between visual identities and design languages. 

All collections are presently implemented at Suvarnabhumi international airport, Bangkok, Thailand.