Tranquil Pattaya Hotel

We collaborated closely with the owner of Navana to assemble a brand for the family friendly hotel located in the scenic beach at Na Klua, Pattaya. Our design journey was engulfed with the overwhelming natural scenery of which inspired us to sculpt an identity for the project. 

Navana, name which was inspired by natural ‘nirvana’

The concept of ‘modern artisan’ was proposed based on the local integrities that we extracted from the surrounding of the hotel. From the ocean landscapes to the lifestyles of fishermen, we elevated the locality essences into a story that allow for design development. We put strong importance in communicating the right brand voice using colours as the core accent of the brand. We worked together with architecture and interior designers to devise a coherent language for the entire brand by implementing the identity that we designed. Beyond honing the brand’s value, we advised the hotel to support local community and trade with the local piers for fresh ingredients for the hotel’s restaurant.

“Our collection of overwhelming locality essences sculpts an identity that became part of the local’s integrity”.