We developed a brand identity with Anonym, an architecture and interior design studio focusing on private residents mostly for local Thais. The studio’s philosophy plays around the concept of ‘architecture with emotions’ and the idea revolving around the relationship between people, space, and context. 

For Anonym, we came up with the term ‘Architecture of Emotions’

Upon conversing ideas with the brand’s owners, we were motivated by Anonym’s refined philosophy and the owner’s unique characteristics in devising appropriate brand massages and voice. Our team formulated the concept of positive living and incorporated to the logotype as a plus sign embedded on the letter A. We further extended the design concept into visuals which were implemented on the brand’s website. 

The client were thankful for our design solutions and took our prototypes into production for brand launching.

The beauty of our design concept lies in a peaceful balance between informative philosophy and the designers’ personalities.