Contemporary Cultural Village

One Nimman is a project that spans over various aspects of Rom Design’s offerings. Starting with brand identity, naming, design, artistic direction and content creation. All components are craftly created to harmoniously bring out the true essence of One Nimman as a space of Chiangmai’s heritage and contemporary lifestyle. 

“Celebrating the rich northern culture of Thailand through branding of a community village” 

The project ventures to revive the forgotten cultures of Northern Thailand through the lens of the modern time. We amplify the brand by drawing inspiration from the mix of traditional Lanna aesthetics with European-Chinese heritage to create the brand guideline.

Our brand identity is inspired by the unique architectural style of the development, which we match exact scale of our identity with. The distinctive community mall aspires to be an iconic landmark for anyone who passes the building to be able to recognise, and also place the village in an appealing position for both local and international tourists of Chiang Mai city center. 

We further elevate the branding of One Nimman and created a creative campaign inspired by local crafts and artisans. The campaign aims to creatively amplify the core values we have fostered. Keywords like ‘contemporary’, ‘friendly’, ‘joyful’ and ‘artistic’, are the words that encapsulate the project’s character, thus the campaign reflects new life given to One Nimman through Rom Design’s perspective.

Our website integrates a combination of the project developer’s vision, aligned with the descriptive contents from our team. The result is a beautiful and seamless work of art which echoes the brand voice through its unique composition of bold graphic statement, inspired by the Lanna architecture.

The signage system has been designed to contrast with the heritage European-brutalism feel of the architecture. The result consists of sharp lines of constructed products, cutting through the surrounding architectural space.

As a whole, One Nimman has become a new hotspot for the city, like in Montparnarsse in Paris, has become a new town symbol. A new town legacy is created through this project, thus we have played a part in modernising Chiang Mai cultural city as a whole.