Inspired by a vintage butcher shop in Paris, Marble Marvellous balances traditions with a modern flare.

ROM DESIGN helped birth the concept, brand name and design for ‘Marble Marvellous’, a metropolitan butcher at Dear Tummy, ICONSIAM. The name itself reflects well-marbled, juicy and full flavoured meat, the flagship offering at the store.

At the shop, traditional butchery takes a modern twist: the artisan grocers larder sits alongside the fresh meat selection. All actions come together at the minimalist stainless-steel island in the heart of the store. 

We pay attention to every creative touchpoints. The casual and comfortable menu design showcases the restaurant’s specialty in the arts of butchery and culinary. Although the menu design is simple, the gastronomic offers are serious.

Marble Marvellous offers the highest quality meat comparable to the luxury Italian marble veins.

The meat is beautifully marbled, hormone-free and pasture-raised. Completing the modern-vintage brand identity, we designed a pitch-black name card with gold accent.

It’s sharp and sleek just like the edge of a butcher’s knife.

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